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Regular Donation by Standing Order

Please download the following Standing Order Form to make regular payments by standing order.

You can support our many longterm projects which benefit the Chernobyl Children directly. Your donation goes much further, as we have no paid staff and overheads are kept to a minimum.
Please help us to continue making a real difference by making a one off donation or a regular donation by standing order.
Below are examples of what your donation can do.

> €50 will help to provide nappies/Pampers and other essentials for special needs children

> €100 will help us to provide food, clothing, vitamins for a child in need for one month

> €200 will help to support a family in need of medicine, food, clothing, heating for one month

> €250 will help to provide independent living training for 5 special needs children for one month

> €500 will help to purchase a wheelchair or other essential aids

> €600 will help to provide a recuperation break for one month in Ireland

> €1,000 will help to renovate a family home for a family living in poor conditions

> €1,200 will help to provide a therapist for special needs children for six months

> €1,500 will help with providing essential services at our Day Care Centres for Special Needs Children and children in need of help due to abandonment or neglect

> €2,000 will help to provide for building materials to provide sanitary and shower facilities, beds, furniture, kitchen appliances

> €5,000 will help to provide independent living accommodation for special needs young adults, making a real change in their lives, instead or living in an institution for life

Download Standing Order Form

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